My Jacket

Going from having no home or occupation to creating the bakery we did for 5 years was the grand miracle.There were many smaller ones along  the way like the tale of my jacket.
On our first family Christmas at Little River   I could tell that Sarah was very excited about the gifts she had prepared for us. With eyes sparkling  and a smile on her face she handed them April, Melody and urged us to open them  first. We were soon delighted to try on lovely jackets with Little River Bakery embroidered on them  They have served  us well since both as coats and reminders of our Bakery days .
On a warm day last September  while working outside, the heat beckoned me to shed my jacket. Hanging  it on a nearby  fence  post  I continued working…..At the end of the day when I went to retrieve it…. it was gone….The loss was not just the jacket but all it represented. of the bakery and an oven full of memories ……Our opening day snow, free donuts, over one hundred customers. Our last day while loading our final item on to the moving van, a lady drives up and walks purposely towards the door.Upon seeing the empty room sighs and disappointingly says I guess you don’t have any bread or cinnamon buns today.She was  the final symbol of how loyal and dedicated our customers had been.I was reminded of Mrs.Mitchell, almost 90 who came 1/2 a mile with her walker to p/ u  her favorite loaf and treat! My oh My. Our baked goods crafted by hand received by our customers who left us with love⁰Then came the last Wed….. of this March.The next day  l was doing a speech on Little River Bakery. . I finished another days labour and I had a small hand full of litter to dispose of. Being hungry I could have just put in my pocket and gotten rid  of it another time…..
Have you ever watched a movie where the climax will turn out well if the character does something at the moment. While watching you shout into the TV,   “come on, come on, open that door”!!!!!….I heard you !!!!… and went to the garbage room and walked towards the three bins….. Upon opening the lid of the first bin I saw  something that looked warmly and wonderfully familiar.
The grand audience and “the giver of all good gifts” whispered intimately and lovingly to me,…. “Michael it’s your jacket”….and so it was!

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