A Toast to Michael

May 1987, Michael’s speech for Toastmasters.

I would like to do some exploring of the word good tonight. The meaning of good is: fitting or well put together, producing favourable results, well and completely performed and satisfying.  Now lets look at some examples of its usage.

My speech is over and the evaluation thanks me for a good speech and sits down. What was implied in that comment?

You’ve just finished Sunday dinner and are excusing yourself from the table, “Thank you dear for a very good dinner.” Whats taken place to deserve that compliment?

God created the earth and all things upon it. He finished each days work by stating it was good and when he formed man – stated it was very good. Why did He say this?

Lets first take a look at my speech. An enthusiastic beginning, compelling body and a romantic ending. Eye contact made with everyone along with vocal variety and forceful body language. Dress has been appropriate and positive relaxed. These ingredients matched with and interesting subject make that a good speech.

Now the Sunday dinner. It’s three o’clock, the roast of pork has been in the oven for an hour and it’s aroma permeates the air. You can already taste its succulent flavour and your mouth begins to water. The aroma of fresh baked bread and oven warm spice cake join that of the roast. The table is set with the best china and silver ware and a bright bouquet shines as the center piece.

“Dinner’s ready” comes the long awaited call. There sits the roast ready to be carved, apple sauce close by it. Tender slices are passed to take their place on each plate along with fluffy mashed potatoes and gravy, bright garden salad and golden corn. Warm buns lovingly spread with soft butter and the feast begins. Seconds for some and the finishing touch: moist spice cake a-la-mode and coffee brewed just right. Could any of you leave the table after this without letting those responsible know it was indeed a good dinner?

Now lets finish by looking at our beginning. “And God made man in His own image in the image of God He created him. Male and female He created them. God saw all he had made and it was very good.” (Genesis) Originally well put together and fitting. We are excellent in kind. Having qualities useful and necessary for our purpose we are to have dominion over all the earth and be fruitful and multiply. We are each unique not one of us being the same and are the most complex of creations in the universe. Created in God’s image and not that of a monkey. We’ve all enjoyed making and hearing good speeches and partaking in good dinners. Let our thanks go to God who saw it was good to make us this way.

I leave you with this quote from the book of James. “Every good gift and every perfect present comes from God above, who brought us in to being by His word.”

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2 Responses to A Toast to Michael

  1. Might be your greatest piece I have seen

  2. Get says:

    Tremendous blog.

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