Return to Pioneer

78_0002 IMG_3974Two weeks after our wedding in May of 1978 we were in the kitchen at Pioneer Pacific Camp and here we are again in the spring of 2013 excitedly preparing to spend a summer at this beautiful camp on Thetis Island. We will be joining the summer staff team July and August, Michael as Head Cook.

We are subletting our home on Quadra Island to a couple who will be here from mid-May to the first week in October thus enabling us to be at this Inter-Varsity Camp.

There is no greater thing in life than the hope offered to us by Jesus Christ. Inter-Varsity’s Pioneer Camp exists for one key purpose: to help young people develop a deep relationship with Him that will last for a lifetime.

Our firm belief is that faith in Christ and an understanding of God’s call to love and serve others is pivotal for the future of our young people. At Pioneer Pacific, they are having an experience in the context of a Christian, faith-driven community where they are becoming lifelong leaders with a passion for following the example that they are reading about in Scripture study and seeing lived out through Christian relationships.” This is what Pioneer is about!

We do more than cooking….see:

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3 Responses to Return to Pioneer

  1. Leigh Holmes says:

    To Both of You
    May you know God’s leading and closeness as you once again enter into a new chapter
    God Bless you Both
    Leigh & Joan Holmes

  2. Nathan Kinsey says:

    Although we will miss your hospitality on Quadra Island, we believe that your ministry will be an encouragement to many on Thetis Island.

  3. Pat says:

    Always an adventure following God!

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