Settling in at Pioneer Pacific

Peace Our days have been filled with remembrances: Michael as he repaired the porch on the cabin we are staying in for June, built a shelf, knife rack and set up the main kitchen was reminded of his Yukon cooking experience last year. I have been thinking back to the time in 1978 when we arrived here two weeks after our wedding and adjusting to my new role as a wife….wife of the cook. I am finding things to do as I did then but change is always challenging for me. I wrote a blog on this very thing: It’s about Him. Today I found myself de-winterizing cabins for a church group we are cooking for this weekend. Dusting cobwebs, washing mattresses, sweeping and airing wasn’t in my vision of my role… however I really enjoyed it! Again memories of my summers at Camp Artaban surfaced as my cloth swept over names of campers and sayings written on the bunk beds and I thought of the excitement many young campers will have this summer here at Pioneer Pacific.

We arrived here on May 31st after a wonderful journey to Vancouver where we visited old friends, our children and the church we were married in. There we were blessed with a new station wagon and lots of wonderful meals with friends and family. See our pictures: Vancouver adventure.

We have a summer ahead of beautiful sunsets…… Michael enjoys taking pictures when he is not cooking: Michael’s Pictures. Stay connected with us….you can subscribe to this blog…. for a continuing story of our Pioneer Pacific adventure!

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