Cooking it’s what I Do

I started cooking in Mom’s kitchen making my favorite things.

Since then I’ve: Chased a bear away from the cook tent door … catered a banquet for Vancouver’s mayor and help the Canucks get to the seventh game of the Stanley Cup Final round.
Roasted a turkey for my neighbour …. served 2000 people hot-dogs and hamburgers for an anniversary street party.
Prepared meals for RCMP officers in Vancouver and gold miners in the Yukon.
Produced a multitude of cakes for all occasions … Thousands of loaves of bread …. a whole lot of cinnamon buns.
Worked in the best equipped urban kitchens … Over a camp stove on the tundra.
Baked alone through the night … Directed numerous teams in creating the finest of feasts.
Dealt with mishaps, break downs and break ups of every sort and still managed to get the meal served.
Have worked in kitchens of every size and description from movie sets to lake side lodges.
Have transformed miscellaneous supplies and goods on hand into tasty delights, satisfying the appetites of many men, women and children.

Short term, respite interim or relief. A special event, a weekend or two, whatever your need, I will take you from hunger to happiness. Cooking, it’s what I do.

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1 Response to Cooking it’s what I Do

  1. songflower says:

    Thank you for the many feasts you have given me!

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