Shalom 2019

Last year one of the many woodworking projects Michael enjoyed creating in his woodworking shop at our daughter, Melody’s house in New Westminister was a door box for our apartment door. I lettered “shalom” on it and a sunflower which we grew that year in our community garden out in front of our apartment building entrance. It reflects 2 of Michael’s passions: woodworking and gardening.. We have had shalom (which includes the peace that only Jesus can give …. not as the world gives) through the challenges and joys that we lived last year.
The door box receives notices, invitations and messages inviting us to participate in the many community activities here at City Heights. Where-in we have been getting to know our neighbours including the Temporary Modular Housing building for the homeless that was installed almost on our door step last fall. Michael now cooks a dinner meal for them on the weekend.
This has brought about us attending a local Church (Christ City Church South Van..) It is such a delight to walk to this community oriented church early enough to allow Michael to start work at 10:30.

He has a 30 foot commute to work. His wages and an inheritance April received gave us a bright red 2017 Honda Fit. This little roomy economy car transports salvaged wood and other redemption finds in the city.
We also traveled in the summer to cook for CFO camp and visited with family and friends on Vancouver and Quadra Island. (during the week pensioners travel free!). Michael had his 50th grad reunion in Terrace where my Mom and brother and family live. We drove up in our FIT in August enjoying the beautiful scenery and history, friends and family in Kelowna and McBride as well as a wonderful reunion with Michael’s class-mates and April’s family. This little red car we will take to bring in the new year with dear Quadra Island friends. The car was parked though, when we took a re-positioning cruise to L.A. on the Star Princess in October. What a wonderful way it was to see Michael’s favourite mission: Home-Boy Industries in Los Angeles.
April painted this nativity scene and has dabbled in a few other artistic endeavors this past year. A trip to Spokane Washington to the Healing Rooms Summit was a highlight for her. It is a great joy to be so close to our children and grandchildren. Daniel, Sarah-Jane and grandson Isaiah live in East Vancouver. Many games, Movies and dinners together have been enjoyed. Sarah, Jonathan, Callie and Sylvestor live in a co-op on the New West Quay and lots of walks along the Fraser River has brought precious memories to keep. Melody, Forest and 14 month old Elaina see Granpa often as he helps with their garden and makes sawdust in his shop at their house in New West. Thanksgiving, Christmas and other family gatherings are often in their beautiful home.

April went to get her eyes checked last year and where she previously was prescribed glasses, she was surprised to find that she now has 20 -20 vision. Thinking about the year to come and all the turmoil and loss of stability, confusion of what is true and not and what to base truth on in the world this past year. Next year may you have 2020 vision and Shalom which comes from the Prince of Peace, Emmanuel!

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